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Propriety Info

Company Policy Regarding Requests for Proprietary Information:

Occasionally we receive requests from hobbyists for information regarding resources, materials and techniques for custom buckle-making materials. While we celebrate and encourage every interested person's desire to pursue the joys of custom-crafting unique apparel items, please understand and respect that the custom creations of Booty Boutique are the result of the investment of countless hours of research, years of trial-and-error experimentation, and a lot of money. The hard-won knowledge, skill and materials which go into the creation of Booty Boutique's unique buckles have come at the cost of years of effort and investment by the company's proprietor and chief creative force, who now depends on the return on her investment for her livelihood. As such, it is the policy of Booty Boutique that all proprietary information concerning materials, resources and techniques remain confidential, not be divulged to any party, private or commercial, outside of Booty Boutique, its agents and advisors. Please understand that our inability to provide such requested information is due to the necessity of maintaining and growing the value of our unique product. We wish you the best in your own efforts. May you make beautiful creations with the resources you find available to you.