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Calf 269 is a male calf (still alive today) who was rescued by anonymous activists, days before his planned slaughter. He was born at an Israeli facility in the vicinity of Azor - a town on the outskirts of Tel Aviv. The slaughter was scheduled for June 2013. The calf is described as sweet-tempered and white-headed, and his ear carried a tag numbered 269, which indicated that the calf was destined for slaughter. The Israeli protests regarding the calf were followed by protests in England and other places across the world. The protests aimed at conveying that animal parts eaten as food by humans once belonged to a living individual, who lived a tortured life and faced a brutal death, after which his or her carcass was processed into human food. The significance of the event led to the creation of "269 life", an animal liberation movement founded in October 2012.

  • 4" x 2.75" 
  • Single-mold made, polished silver, zinc belt buckle base
  • Glitter, plastic lettering
  • Resin

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